Grow. Plan. Solve.

Odds are you’re facing yourself one of these questions, or maybe all three:

  • How do I effectively grow the business?
  • How do I plan for the future in a changing marketplace?
  • How do I solve the problem that’s been keeping me up at night?

Here are examples of our proprietary tools and case scenarios that demonstrate real impact. If you are facing complex business decisions, we’d like the opportunity to help you grow, plan, and solve.


How do I evaluate a new technology outside of my core business?

How do I know if it is truly disruptive?

How do I assess the real opportunity?


Evaluating the overall segment in specific detail, including the competitive activity, is the only way to assess if a new technology has merit. Evaluating if the technology is technically sound is the easy part. Assessing if it has true market value is hard. We have successfully helped clients evaluate technologies and typically follow a 4-step process:

  • First, we assess the competitive landscape in detail by developing Micro and Macro maps of the targeted segment
  • Next, we appraise the clinical trial landscape through our entry schedule fact book
  • Then, conducting a complete IP Pyramid assessment of the technology under evaluation is key so you won’t get blindsided
  • And finally, we perform a reality check of regulatory pathways and timeframes, market penetration rates, and financial projections
  • Discover adjacent technologies and how they could potentially interplay in the space
  • Identify competitors entering the space and where they might be along the clinical pathway
  • Uncover other potential technologies under development so you won’t get blindsided, and assess the ‘protectability’ of the current IP
  • Quantify the true ‘cost of the journey’ and market viability of the technology being evaluated

What is the current competitive landscape and where is it trending?

Are there technologies in development that can put your core business at risk?

Are you creating new product categories over the planning period or just introducing line extensions?


Trusting research that is ‘generalized’ and non-specific to your market sector is troublesome, especially when you are projecting over a time horizon. Utilizing a ground-up approach is the only way to really see where the market is trending and how shifts in each segment will impact your sector.

  • Developing a Disease state fact book is the first step in assessing the current market
  • Once the fact book has been constructed, modeling of the segment is conducted and changing factors can be evaluated
  • Subsequently, a Market share fact book is developed to articulate market share value over time
  • Projections based in sector-specific factual analysis give you confidence in making decisions in a changing environment
  • Once a modeling of the segment has been conducted, evaluating market shifts is easy and the impact on your technology becomes clear
  • At the end of the day, you want to know, with a degree of certainty, what future cash flows will look like and how you can influence the market to gain the best outcome

Is your technology portfolio aligned with product life cycles?

Is your portfolio positioned to maximize value?

Is your ‘go-to-market’ strategy sound?


Evaluating an entire segment is key to getting the information required to make solid day-to-day decisions. We go beyond a ‘myopic snapshot’ to provide context, reveal new directions, and identify novel ways of solving problems.

  • Analyze the Industry’s Product Life Cycle to understand where your technology resides in the overall cycle
  • Utilize the Healthcare flowchart to see how your technology fits into the overall system
  • Evaluate your technology in the Value chain
  • Once you know where your technology/portfolio fits into an industry segment, it becomes clear whether you align or are misaligned with the overall cycle
  • You’ll be able to assess if the market is ripe for the creation of a new category
  • Opportunities to decrease costs or increase benefit are revealed
  • You will be able to evaluate how the market will evolve over time and ensure your strategies are sound

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